Day 12–Gwen’s letter

Yesterday I managed to make lots of progress by going to my town library to work, as it was quiet and I had no distractions.

I managed to finish Lucas’ letter and write Gwen’s letter. Gwen’s letter was the easiest to write (so far) as she is one of the characters I know the most. Gwen is the oldest girl of the family (in case I didn’t mention it earlier, the children comprise of 7 girls and 3 boys) and I’ve always pictured to be the most like Lorraine—both physically and mentally.

Gwen writes about falling in love with her uni lecturer (who is also 11 years her senior) and the scandal that followed. The scandal almost broke Gwen and Stuart as a couple but they ultimately made it through and are expecting their first child together. The letter is about Gwen thanking her mother for her support during that time, as well as making the comparison of Lorraine’s life at 19 when she was born and her own life at 19 when she married Stuart, after a year of a difficult but happy courtship.

Gwen, as the oldest girl has always been the “mum” of all the kids, however unlike Michael she didn’t actually have to take on the maternal role. Being the “mum” was really part in parcel of the being the oldest girl in the family. Gwen was the first child to get married, move out of the country and will be the first to become a parent (however this doesn’t happen in the book).

Michael’s letter is all about his perspective of his father’s death–he talks about the past, however with Lucas’ and Gwen’s letters, I start making references to future events, as well as past ones. This is to both connect the upcoming chapters, as well as to progress and enhance the story.

I don’t think I have mentioned the names, order and ages of all of the children, so I will do this now:

Michael Charles Ramieres (14 July 1976) (32)

Lucas Jonathon Ramieres (21 September 1977) (31)

Gwendolyn Charlotte Ramieres (30 November 1978) (30)

Cassandra Leanne Ramieres (3 August 1980) (28)

Christi Lena Ramieres (3 August 1980) (28)

Carrie Lisa Ramieres (3 August 1980) (28)

Scott Alexander Ramieres (18 January 1984) (24)

Julie Vanessa Ramieres (12 May 1985) (23)

Elaine Paige Ramieres (12 May 1985) (23)

Elizabeth Miranda Ramieres (28 February 1990) (18)


Obviously, chronologically Cassandra (Cassie) is the next child to tell their story, however Cassie is a character I barely know. Christi, chronologically after Cassie, I know extremely well and I have the feeling her letter will be just as easy to write as Gwen’s was. Therefore, I will be writing Christi’s letter next, not Cassie’s.

My word count as of today is 4,460 words, writing Christi’s letter will enable me to hit the 5,000 word mark.


Stay tuned…


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