John Marsden Writing Topic #594

Write a letter to yourself, to be read in fifty years**

Dear Rachel,

So you’re in your seventies now, actually you’re more closer to 80 than 70….76. I hope we’re still alive.

How do you feel about being in your seventies? In your life so far, what do you feel your best decade has been? Thirties? Forties? Fifties? Sixties? I’m in my twenties at the moment and in all honesty, they’ve been a little too dull for my liking and I’m constantly reading articles about women who have said that their self-esteem and worth improve as they age.

Did we get married? Have children? Grandchildren? So far I’m not having any real luck with dating, let alone actually finding true love. Please tell me I eventually got over my issues with dating and found the right person.

So how much has technology evolved over the last fifty years? At the moment, everyone seems to be consumed by their smartphones and iPads, and addicted to social media. Are computers still around or are we all walking around with computer chips in our brains? Do you think technology has evolved for the better or do you think technology was better ‘in the good ‘ol days’?

How much has society changed? Did same-sex marriage finally become legal? Have abortion laws changed for the better? Are Australians still divided on Islam? Does the current Federal Government have the same stance on refugees as it did 50 years ago? Did Australia end up becoming a republic (I hope not)? Do you think society has changed and grown for the better?

How’s your financial situation? At the moment, I’m trying my best to save money and the move into my new unit has really thrown me off. Do we eventually get our financial shit together? Do you have a lot of money now? Did we end up buying a house?

Now to the most important thing…how’s your health? My health at the moment is fine, but could be better, I think the only thing going for me health-wise at the moment is my youth. I’m trying my best to be healthy but it isn’t easy with having to commute to work and having a fixed income. Thanks to my controlled but high blood pressure, I was recently denied income and TPD insurance. I’m trying to lose weight at the moment and so far it’s going by slowly, do we manage to lose the weight and keep it off? Please tell me we’ve managed to get lucky and avoid having heart attacks and strokes.

So since we’ve made it this far I’ve got to ask….are you afraid of dying? I’m afraid of dying, not because it’s inevitable, it’s because I’m worried I will die young and suddenly and I don’t feel that I’ve really lived my life. I’m hoping that we’ve really lived over the next 50 years.

I’m hoping the next 50 years don’t go by too quickly, I want to enjoy the journey, especially since life is incredibly short.


Take care of yourself, I’ll catch up with you in 2066.


Lots of Love.

Rach of 2016 xxoo




**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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