Preview of my NaNoWriMo planning

These are flow charts I drew when I was trying to come with a question/hypothesis for a journalism mini-thesis, in my final year of university study two years ago.

I knew I wanted to write about objectivity, but it’s such a broad topic in journalism, I knew I had to find something specific to focus on and after extensive research, those flow charts was what I came up with.

For NaNoWriMo, I have come up with a premise, characters, protagonist, writing style, beginning, end and a vague timeline. I’m yet to figure everything else out, so I think more of these flow charts will be appearing over the next month.

These flow charts did help me with my journalism mini-thesis question/hypothesis in the end, but not before driving me crazy first, as I felt I was being thrown in so many different directions. Let me know if my flow charts make you laugh, leave you in disbelief of how my mind works, and last, but not least, if you can relate and have tried this yourself.

Stay tuned for more NaNoWriMo updates.

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