Doctor Doctor–Season 1, Episode 6 (Golden Harvest)

This episode focused more on Hugh’s family–his actual family and his hospital family.

With Hugh’s family it was obvious that the aftermath of Charlie’s ectopic pregnancy was going to be explored. Both Matt and Charlie are grieving in their own ways–avoiding each other–it’s a little cliche for them to avoid each other for their inevitable chat at the end of the episode, however I’ll give it a pass as I’ve never experienced ectopic pregnancy and its aftermath myself. What I liked about this plot was Meryl and Hayley trying to help her, while they can both be overbearing and they were a little to Charlie, they did mean well and it’s nice to see them in “caring mode” rather than “people pleasing, better than everyone else mode”. Even the ordinarily distant Jim tried to cheer Matt up, in his own odd cliched way.

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