The Wrong Girl–Season 1, Episode 3

The opening of this episode was hilarious with Lily being forced to endure the excessively loud sex sounds apparently made by Simone and Jack, which she uniquely calls “sex terrorism”. However it was ruined for me when it was revealed that the writers were yet again using in media res. This is really getting old, to the point that I feel that this show takes the “in media res excessive use cake” from House Husbands. However the technique redeems itself by catching up with itself a lot faster, in comparison to the previous episode, not to mention it seamlessly enables a plot twist.

Anyway, this time the writers take the viewers back 20 hours earlier where we see Pete informing his father, Ivan, that he is about to become a father himself. These scenes were incredibly sweet and honest, with Ivan unable to contain his happiness not only at the thought of becoming a grandfather but also at his assumption of Lily being the mother, as well as his admission that he found parenting boring but amazing. These scenes added another dimension to the apparently odd Ivan.

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