John Marsden Writing Topic #354

These are all the common words that rhyme with ‘-aked’: ached, baked, faked, caked, flaked, slaked, snaked, raked, braked, quaked. Write a rhyming poem using some or all of these words.**

Fateful Fete

Mrs Slater baked

for the school fete

her sincerity, she faked,

she wished she had flaked

on the fete,

something she preferred

for all school events.

Over the years

of her career,

her enthusiasm slaked.


Her students weren’t stupid,

they could see this for themselves,

they thought she had snaked her way to the top,

just to stay there and do nothing.

With all of their might

they started a food fight.


The teachers’ power quaked,

loose hell braked

Mrs Slater really got caked!


At the end of it all,

Mrs Slater drew the short straw

and literally got her just desserts,

her back ached

as she raked,

the remnants

of her enthusiasm

of her professionalism

and soul,

retirement a not-too-distant goal.



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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