John Marsden Writing Topic #206

Write about a librarian who tries to discourage people from borrowing books**

Good Old Days

Everyday Shirley took the bus to work. While she chose to embrace the landscape outside as if it was an everyday scenic tour, her fellow commuters chose the small virtual world of their smart phones to be caught up in. Shirley would frown upon this, ten years ago this wasn’t the case, people actually spoke to each other.

Shirley was an old fashioned girl, at least she knew that’s what some people thought of her. She didn’t know a smart phone, a tablet or iPad and her laptop wasn’t old but wasn’t the newest thing. She felt no need for the newest technology.

Shirley worked at the local library, she loved books and became incensed as slowly over the years, technology kept creeping its way into her haven. She felt the library should only be for books, not DVDs or flash computers. She didn’t deny that they would be useful, but she also didn’t deny that she missed the good old days where libraries were only for books, and certainly hated the constant irony of people with their heads subserviently facing their screens while they checked out books.

She couldn’t take it anymore, she wouldn’t allow anyone to borrow a book if they used new technology in the library. She felt that if they couldn’t go without using their technology, they should go without using or enjoying a book.

Shirley wasn’t an ogre or an old witch, as some patrons complained, the truth was she wanted people to look books as much as she does and she wanted a friend, a real friend, maybe someone she could connect with at the library counter, not just in her head and within the pages of her beloved books.



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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