John Marsden Writing Topic #305

Write a fortunately/unfortunately story: ‘Fortunately I won a two-week holiday in Japan. Unfortunately I hate flying. Fortunately there was a fishing boat going that way and I got a lift. Unfortunately…’**

Big 30

Fortunately I decided to surprise my brother with a visit on his 30th birthday. Unfortunately he had to work both on the day I arrived and on his birthday.

Fortunately my mum took the day I arrived off, so she could spend time with me. Unfortunately I would only have another two days with her.

Fortunately I had an opportunity to drive again. Unfortunately part of the reason I had to was because mum hurt her ankle.

Fortunately I had the opportunity to spend time in my childhood home. Unfortunately people with crappy taste in loud music live across the street.

Fortunately I got to catch up with my aunt. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be seeing her for a while after this.

Fortunately I got to go home and spend time with my family. Unfortunately I had to go back to Sydney and Wollongong.

Fortunately I could always come back.


**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.


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