iPhone 5 batteries recalled

Apple are recalling some of the batteries of the iPhone 5 after it was revealed that some of them turned out to be faulty.

For those of you who currently own an iPhone 5 (they were sold from 2012 until 2013) don’t start heading to the Apple store just yet. Apple have said that only a small percentage of these iPhones had these faulty batteries and therefore, only these owners will be eligible for a free battery replacement.

If you think that your iPhone 5 has one of these faulty batteries, Apple have set up a new webpage in its Support for you to make sure. On the webpage you can enter your iPhone 5 serial number to make sure that the battery is eligible for a replacement. If it is, you can take your iPhone 5 to either an Apple service provider or retail store to verify this. The webpage also says that if your iPhone 5 does need a battery replacement, to back up your data before it takes place.

The replacement program was made available in the United States and China three days ago and will be available in other countries on Friday. However be wary that this may be restricted if you bought your iPhone 5 in another country. Also be wary that the replacements don’t extend warranties and that this replacement program finishes on March 1st next year.

This article was originally published on Tech Reviewer on 25 August 2014 and can be found here.