Another cheap USB charger strikes again

Following yesterday’s report on cheap chargers being dangerous another case has arisen whereby a Sydney teenager has had a close call with a cheap USB charger, only days after reports emerged of Sheryl Anne Aldeguer’s death from electrocution from a faulty USB charger.

Daniel Sommerville, 14, received a cheap USB charger for his electrical devices, on his birthday, from his mother last Sunday. However it had exploded, blackened, ruined a power outlet and short-circuited the electrical supply in the bedrooms of the Sommerville’s home the next day.

When the charger exploded, it only missed hitting Daniel’s head by a few centimetres, after he plugged it in to charge his iPod and placed the iPod on his bed, while using other devices.

Daniel’s mother, Lorna compared this situation to Aldeguer’s and felt that Daniel was lucky. There would have also been more damage if the Sommerville home didn’t have a circuit breaker.

Ms Sommerville bought the charger from Paddy’s Market at a cost of AUS$10.

Since reports of Aldeguer’s death have emerged and now with this second story coming out, Fair Trading NSW are warning consumers about the dangers of cheap, knock-off chargers. They are also conducting unannounced inspections in computer and electrical outlet stores for non-compliant devices and are currently helping police with their investigation into Aldeguer’s death.

This article was originally published on Tech Reviewer on 30 June 2014 and can be found here.