South Korea bring back the flip phone

Only a mere 24 hours ago, I published an article on Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia “brick phones” making a resurgence in Europe. Now another country and another continent seems to be following suit.

A new series of Samsung flip phones called The Master are being released in South Korea to cater to older generations. The new series offer features such as a pedometer and front and rear cameras. These flip phones are being sold in South Korea at 240,000 Won, which is approximately 137 British Pounds and in my native Australia, AUD$240.

The one thing that this story and the article I wrote yesterday have in common is that these brick and flip phones seem to be catering to older generations. While phones are now getting smarter, faster and surprisingly bigger, we’ve got to remember that there are a generation or two who would struggle with Smartphones and iPhones and we have to take their needs into consideration as well. This sounds like I’m reinforcing a stereotype, I’m not deliberately trying to, I’m trying to point out a forgotten fact.

The original article that inspired this one, stated that “long before touchscreen wizardry the only way we wanted to answer our mobile was with the satisfying flick of a flip phone. It’s a design that has since been lost to the history books and many of us who rocked mobiles back in the day still yearn for it.” The last sentence really is a sad statement. This time last year, I had a Samsung flip phone, I actually had two of them over the last seven years, I miss flipping my phone open to answer it as well as being able to keep it on my hip.

So as well as catering to generations who weren’t surrounded by this technology, the resurgence of brick and flip phones are also fulfilling a need for nostalgia that is caused by the need to constantly upgrade, it’s a vicious cycle when you think about it. Again I ask what Super Smartphone will replace the current Smartphones and iPhones in the not-too-distant future that we will feel this way about the iPhone 5c or the Nokia Lumia?

This article was originally published on Tech Reviewer on 27 May 2014 and can be found here.