My Life Is Murder – Season 3, Episode 4 (The Village)

This episode involves a retirement village and a case of the week which has Alexa’s brother, Will, involved.

This episode starts by having Alexa walk by another stall, with a young girl, Jaime, offering to sell her a PS5 for $50. When Alexa repeatedly asks her what’s wrong with it due to the extraordinarily low price, Jaime tells her that she’s selling her brother’s stuff in revenge for hacking her Instagram account to post an embarrassing baby photo of her, eating all the microwave popcorn and planting evidence in her room, and training her cat to sleep on his bed. Alexa buys the PS5 and encourages Jaime to keep at it, as it’s the only way her brother will learn. She then walks away to meet up with Harry, who subsequently comments on her shopping.

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