My Life Is Murder – Season 3, Episode 3 (Bloodlines)

This episode was all about bloodlines (hence the title) and horses.

The episode kicks off with Alexa walking through a local market and calling out a woman selling ridiculously priced fake items, before meeting with Harry to get the case of the week. Harry shows her a picture of the “killer”, a thoroughbred stallion named Lord Flyte. His handler, Todd Nicholson, employed by the Langford Stud Farm died after a lethal blow to the skull, and Lord Flyte is believed to have struck him, due to being in the stall with Todd. Although his halter was hanging up outside the stall with Todd’s blood on it, unless Lord Flyte has opposable thumbs, someone else was there when Todd was killed. Todd also had a meeting scheduled in his phone for 2pm, when he died, however there was no name or details about it.

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