Minx – Season 1, Episode 6 (Mary had a little hysterectomy)

Now that the first issue of Minx is out in the world, the team need to focus on a new problem to fix, sales, or rather lack thereof.

The episode kicks off with Joyce going into a shop to see a copy of Minx on the magazine shelves (seeing and dismissing a copy of an erotic novel, Aphrodisia, on her way there), only to discover that the store is selling it under the counter due to the centrefold. Later, Doug has a meeting with the team about boosting sales. Bambi suggests a celebrity interview and Shelly suggests approaching housewives as they’re afraid of someone having something they don’t have. Doug tells Shelly to fill her car and go with Bambi to give copies away, and Richie says he knows somewhere he could go to sell copies. Moments later, Tina tells Doug that other delivery companies (including Thrifty) and supermarkets have sent Minx copies back to them. Doug decides to go to Arizona to talk with the Thrifty bosses.

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