Behind the Reviews – Edition #5 (Charmed [Reboot])

Charmed (Reboot) premiered in the United States on The CW Network on 14 October 2018 and premiered in Australia on Network Ten shortly after.

The news of a Charmed reboot immediately created controversy for many reasons. Before it aired, original cast member, Holly Marie Combs, criticised The CW Network’s decision to reboot the show without any input from the original series’ cast and crew. Combs also criticised the Network’s labelling of the reboot as feminist, pointing out that the original series was also pro-feminist. News of the reboot was also met with a mixed response from fans of the original series, with some of them trying to convince the Network not to go ahead via a social media campaign. There were also accusations of colourism, as the Network was promoting the reboot as a Latina-led series when only one of the main actresses (Melonie Diaz) is Latina.

Here are my thoughts and more details on each season of the Charmed (Reboot).

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