Web Series – Lucy and DiC

I came across Lucy and DiC, both the short film and the series, by accident in 2019 when I was on a YouTube watching binge. I was watching an Ozzy Man Reviews video and he mentioned the short film, which he stars in as DiC, a support robot. This led me to checking it out and I honestly fell in love with the short film and series.

According to Lucy and DiC’s official website, it’s a “simple urban story about a girl named Lucy and her talking robot. An irreverent adult comedy that looks at our reliance on technology and what happens when it’s as ill-informed as we are.” The website also stated that Lucy and DiC started as a “proof-of-concept and two mini adventures” and grew into an “eight-episode series comprising 450+ visual effects shots.”

(All videos below have been embedded from YouTube. You can watch the entire first season of Lucy and DiC here.)

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