Charmed (Reboot) – Season 4, Episode 7 (Cats and Camels and Elephants, Oh My!)

Now that the Tallyman is gone (all too easily), we have a new threat to explore in Sunny.

The episode kicks off with Harry going through a trunk in the attic looking for something, although we don’t find out what as Mel and Maggie come in and confront him on his new status as a necrolighter, which Jordan told them about. Mel asks him why he’d give up his whitelighter powers but he dismisses her as he has no time to explain. When they tie him up, he explains that his new necrolighter powers allow him to travel back and forth to the Veil, a world between the living and the dead, and he’s trying to find Macy so he can let her know that no-one has forgotten her. Both Mel and Maggie point out that they haven’t and they need to deal with the Unseen, telling him that the pocket watch is all they have left of the Tallyman.

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