Almost Family – Season 1 & Series Finale (Expectant AF)

The job of a season finale is to wrap up the season’s story arcs and sub plots, and establish new ones for the next season (if there is one). In the case Almost Family, this finale served as the series finale as it was cancelled after this first season. So this finale really had the double purpose of not only wrapping up the season but the show as a whole.

I think this finale only did half its job in that it wrapped up the season and not the show as a whole. My personal theory is that the writers didn’t know that the show was going to be cancelled, with Fox announcing its cancellation a little over a week after the finale aired. Usually you can tell when the writers of a show are unsure of its future, they manage to wrap up their season but not the show as a whole, and this finale is a prime example of this. The downside of this situation is that a show can never provide its viewers with proper closure.

Anyway, it is what it is, onto the review.

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