Almost Family – Season 1, Episode 7 (Thankful AF)

This episode is all about Thanksgiving.

The episode kicks off with a young woman mixing sugar and water at the diner, annoying the waitress as she hasn’t ordered anything. It is made clear very quickly that she is apparently another Bechley child.

Meanwhile, Julia is in her kitchen preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Roxy walks into the kitchen and tells her that Ron and Diane are in Hawaii for Thanksgiving, which is a family tradition of theirs and she wasn’t invited. Roxy also tells her that she’ll be meeting up with another sister, Hannah, who contacted Roxy on Instagram. Hannah hasn’t been to the Institute to take a DNA test and Julia tells her to get Hannah to take the test. Meanwhile, Amanda breaks up with Edie as she felt humiliated when Edie was on the phone to Tim last week, putting on a show for her husband whilst she was with her.

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