Charmed (Reboot) – Season 4, Episode 4 (Ripples)

Since for the most part the main characters were split up, I’m going to review this episode character by character.

Maggie, Mel and the Tallyman – The episode picks up from where we left off. Maggie is arrested for assaulting the man who harassed her. After she is arrested, arraigned and ultimately released until her court date next week, Kaela picks her up and takes her back to the Manor. Meanwhile, Mel is trying to regain and reuse her powers on a clock on the coffee table, whilst the Tallyman’s spider crawls up the wall, watching her. Mel witnesses the clock seemingly incinerate and disappear when Maggie comes home. When Mel sees the paper bag with the police logo Maggie is holding, she hugs her. Watching them on a projector, the Tallyman decides to stand by.

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