My Life Is Murder – Season 2 Finale (Pleasure and Pain)

The job of a season finale is to wrap up the season’s story arcs and establish new ones for the next season (if there is another one). In that sense, the finale technically didn’t do its job, however this series isn’t really obligated to, as each episode is self-contained and there were never any story arcs.

This episode has Alexa investigate the death of a self-help guru, Otto Klein, who ran the self-help program, Hex, with his wife, Clarissa. Otto was found dead in a motel room two weeks ago, naked and handcuffed to a bed. The cause of death was ruled as accidental autoerotic asphyxiation. One of Hex’s employees, Sarah Halbeck, was in the room with him when the fire alarm went off. She tried to uncuff him but couldn’t find the key, so she left the room to get help. When she came back, she tried to resuscitate him but it was too late. Sarah was originally part of the self-help program and went on to become an employee, and despite Otto’s death and having had an affair with him, is back at work.

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