Year 12 – Standard Assignments

The Year 12 Mathematics Standard (Pathway 2) course through TAFE involves students completing five assignments (and exams, although I’m not doing the exams) to get their final grade.

I’m unsure of how much each of the five assignments weighs.

Assignment 1 consists of questions from the first three chapters of the textbook: Interest and Depreciation, Ratios and Rates, and Equations and Linear Functions.

Assignment 2 consists of questions from Chapters 4-6 of the textbook: Loans and Annuities, Correlation and Regression, and Networks.

Assignment 3 consists of questions from Chapters 7-8 of the textbook: Energy and Sustainability, and The Sine and Cosine Rules.

Assignment 4 consists of questions from Chapters 9-10 of the textbook: Scale Maps and Plans, and Non-Linear Functions.

Assignment 5 consists of questions from Chapter 11 of the textbook (The Normal Distribution) and revision questions that cover all the previous topics in the course.

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