My Textbook (Year 12 – Mathematics Standard [Pathway 2]) & Year 12 Assignments

The textbook that TAFE uses for their Year 12 – Mathematics Standard (Pathway 2) course is New Century Maths –  Year 12 Mathematics Standard 2.

The textbook is published by Nelson, a Cengage Company. The preface of the textbook states that the Mathematics Standard (Pathway 2) course is designed for students who will work or study in fields that require a mathematical or statistical background, and that they (Nelson) have endeavoured to produce a practical text that captures the spirit of the course, providing relevant and meaningful examples of mathematics being used in society and industry.

There are 11 chapters in the New Century Maths – Year 12 Mathematics Standard 2 textbook:

  1. Interest and Depreciation
  2. Ratios and Rates
  3. Equations and Linear Functions
  4. Loans and Annuities
  5. Correlation and Regression
  6. Networks
  7. Energy and Sustainability
  8. The Sine and Cosine Rules
  9. Scale Maps and Plans
  10. Non-Linear Functions
  11. The Normal Distribution

The TAFE Year 12 – Mathematics Standard (Pathway 2) course consists of five assignments, on the content in the textbook, as well as exams. I’m not sure of how much each of the five assignments weighs and I’m not sitting the HSC exams, I’m only completing the five assignments.

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