Charmed (Reboot) – Season 3, Episode 17 (The Storm Before the Calm)

The job of a penultimate episode in a season is to provide a springboard to the finale, this episode did its job perfectly.

The episode kicks off with the sisters going into the Tomb of Chaos to see Aladria. They tell Aladria about the Whispering Evil and she gives them three options on how to defeat it – option one is to let her and Mo out and they’ll handle it, option two is killing Jordan as the Whispering Evil won’t last long without a host, and option three is to separate the Whispering Evil from Jordan, but warns that the Power of Three won’t work on the Whispering Evil by itself as it’s adaptable and will anticipate it. This leads to Macy suggesting that they combine her demonic power with the Power of Three.

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