Furious Fiction and Me

In February, the Australian Writers’ Centre (AWC) celebrated the Furious Fiction competition’s third birthday by putting a call out to participants to share their own experiences, insights or perspectives on the competition.

The AWC shared the responses they received here. My response wasn’t included, so I thought I’d publish it below.


Furious Fiction and Me

I fell in love with the Furious Fiction competition two years ago as I loved the idea of a regular writing competition with unique prompts to get my mind going.

Completing the Furious Fiction competition is also helping me complete another writing challenge I’ve set for myself. Five years ago, I set myself a challenge to write stories using 600 writing prompts John Marsden provided in his book, Everything I Know About Writing (1998), I call it my John Marsden 600 Writing Topics Challenge. Every story I’ve written based on the prompts provided in the Furious Fiction compeition I’ve used in my John Marsden 600 Writing Topics Challenge – essentially hitting two birds with one stone.

As well as hitting two birds with one stone on my self-imposed writing challenge front, the Furious Fiction competitions have enabled me to finally utilise story ideas and characters I’ve had in my mind for years that I didn’t know what to do with, which brings me great joy.

I’ve only entered the Furious Fiction competition once as time gets away from me and I fall behind in completing the competitions as they come out (my current backlog goes back to April 2020), that being said I hope to bring myself up-to-date and enter the competition on a more regular basis.

Happy 3rd Birthday Furious Fiction!

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