19 Words on COVID-19

Around March-April 2020, when social distancing and border lockdowns were enforced for the first time in Australia, the Australian Writers’ Centre encouraged writers to share how they felt about COVID-19 in 19 words – no more, no less.

More than a year later (due to falling behind with my writing projects), I’ve finally written my own 19-word micro story about COVID-19, which provides details of what my life was like during six months of unemployment, due to my previous employment contract ending just prior to Easter 2020 (my contract was always going to end then, it was just the absolute worst timing in the world).

My 19-words on COVID-19 micro story can be found below.


19 Words on COVID-19

Wake up, eat up, sit up, sit down, keep busy, keep writing, keep quarantining, repeat…for God knows how long.


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