Year 11 Standard Mathematics (Pathway 2) – Final marks & thoughts

I completed the Year 11 Standard Mathematics (Pathway 2) course through TAFE Digital in 2020. My final marks can be found below:

As mentioned in a previous blog post, over the last two years, admittedly for some unknown reason, my passion for mathematics has re-emerged. I tried to fulfill this re-emerged passion by buying mathematics books, which included buying Basic Math & Pre-Algebra for Dummies, as an attempt to regain my mathematics skills. However I decided to re-do senior high school mathematics through TAFE as I’m someone who learns better through a formal learning environment. As I also mentioned in another previous blog post, as it has been so long since I have studied maths, I decided that the best first step to take was to enrol in the Year 11 Mathematics Standard course (the equivalent to the General Mathematics I studied in high school).

Overall, I greatly enjoyed completing the course and it brought me much-needed comfort during six months of unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Re-learning Standard/General mathematics skills and discovering that I still had mathematical intellect after so many years made me so happy. My marks for all five assignments were an incredibly pleasant surprised as I got higher marks with this course then I did in high school.

I’m moving on to the Year 11 Advanced course this year.

Stay tuned…

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