Year 11 Standard – Assignment 4

Assignment 4 of the Year 11 Mathematics Standard (Pathway 2) Course that I completed through TAFE last year consisted of questions from chapters 10-11 of the textbook: Analysing Data, and World Locations and Times.

I submitted Assignment 4 to my teacher on 19 November 2020 and received my marks and feedback from my teacher on 5 December 2020.

I got 41 out of 44 (93%). Overall, I was happy with these marks, especially as they were consistent with my marks in my previous assignments. I found this assignment to be the easiest and most enjoyable as analysing data is easy and straight-forward, and I loved the World Locations and Time subject in high school (back then it was called Spherical Geometry). I was honestly a little saddened by the fact that World Locations and Time was one of the shortest chapters of the textbook as it is my favourite mathematics topic.

The questions, my submission, and my marks and feedback for Assignment 4 can be found below.

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