Fisk – Season 1, Episode 3 (Taken)

This is episode is all about stealing.

The episode kicks off with Helen waking up to the sound of Graham nosily going about his morning in the kitchen, as she is sleeping on the sofa bed in an adjacent room.

We then cut to Helen going into work with Roz attempting to make small talk with her. Later when she’s working in her office, Ray tells Helen he wants her to take on a ‘Popovitch’ and warns Helen to hide her ‘purse’ while Roz comes in asking Ray to hide her own purse. It’s later revealed that the client, Eileen Popovitch, is a kleptomaniac, starting with stealing the teaspoon that came with her tea, then escalating with trying to steal Helen’s diary, whilst she is requesting that she be given power of attorney over her mother.

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