Aftertaste – Season 1 Finale

The job of a season finale is to wrap up or resolve the current season’s story arcs and subplots, and establish possible story arcs and subplots for the next season (if there is another season). I felt that this season finale did its job.

The finale kicks off with people visiting the restaurant, renamed Jim’s, where the appetisers (styled in a TV-dinner like manner) are served to the diners in the lounge room, followed by the diners going to the fire pit to experience a “West-style family cookout” where the next course is served, followed by the diners going to the shed where another course, as well as Diana’s dessert, is being served. Diana shows off her latest dessert creation – Six Feet Under: an Isomalt ball with chocolate skulls inside, representing her dead grandparents. The opening credits play, showing that Diana and Easton have made the cover story of Gourmand magazine.

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