Fun Walking Not Running Around the World (Virtual Tour) – Part II [Egypt]

The sixth virtual run I completed for my Fun Walking Not Running Around the World (Virtual Tour) – Part II was the Egypt run.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I decided to do a second Fun Walking Not Running Around the World (Virtual Tour) as I signed up to other country races after starting my first tour, as well as country races for 2021.

I decided to continue on from the Haiti run to the Egypt run as it takes the tour from Central America to Africa and closer to Russia, where this tour started.

I’ve been told by Virtual Moon Racers, the hosts of these virtual runs, that the country races have decreased in popularity, which is the reason why I completed the Haiti run in January and the Egypt run in March, but there was no run in February. As of today, there have been no additional country races for 2021 established and I have completed the remaining country races in Virtual Moon Racers’ clearance sale. I will sign up for additional country races for countries I haven’t completed, if they are established.

I completed the Egypt run (1 mile/1.7km) on 5 March 2021. My data, bib and medal for this run can be found below.





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