My mathematics road map

As mentioned in my previous blog post, to study and gain a Graduate Certificate in Mathematics, I have to meet the pre-requisites of having studied senior high school mathematics, including Extension Mathematics.

As I only completed General Mathematics in my senior years of high school and I finished high school 12 years ago (the same amount of time I was in school), I decided it was best to re-learn senior high school mathematics and the best environment to do so was through TAFE.

As it has been so long since I have studied maths, I decided that the best first step to take was to enrol in the Year 11 Mathematics Standard course (the equivalent to the General Mathematics I studied in high school). When I finish the standard maths course, I will move on to enrol in the Year 11 Mathematics Advanced course and eventually the Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 courses (it is worth noting that TAFE currently does not provide the Extension 2 course).

As I haven’t done any advanced maths since Year 8, it will be interesting to find out whether or not am I capable of any senior level advanced maths and if I really am smart enough to eventually complete a Graduate Certificate in Mathematics.

If all goes well with the Year 11 courses, I will continue with the Year 12 courses.

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