Playing For Keeps–Season 2, Episode 6

This episode had a lot of secrets and feelings come out in the open.

Paige & Dan—Her subplot focused on her conflicting feelings for Dan and the fallout of her sleeping with him in the previous episode. The episode kicks off with Dan calling Paige as she is starting to confess to Brody. She eventually confesses, which upsets both of them and Brody leaves. After Dan and Liam’s car crash (which I’ll get to), Paige confronts Dan about his involvement and tries to convince him that Liam doesn’t care about him. While Dan admits he misses her, she says that what happened between them was wrong and was a mistake, which makes things worse for them.

At the end of the episode, Brody tells Paige he wants to move past her hook-up with Dan, but Paige silently admits she doesn’t want to and he leaves again.

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