Playing For Keeps–Season 2, Episode 5

This episode had a lot of twists, turns and revelations.

Tahlia—The episode kicks off with Tahlia and Paige at yoga, where Tahlia’s mother, Narelle (Rachel Gordon) shows up unexpectedly. It’s made clear pretty quickly that Tahlia has issues with her mother and that they haven’t seen or spoken to each other in quite some time, and Tahlia thinks Narelle wants money from her.

Throughout the episode, Tahlia goes to see Narelle at the motel she’s staying at, the first time she does, it looks like they may be able to re-bond, the second time, after seeing Samira, she confronts Narelle for the way she treated her. It’s here it’s revealed that Tahlia’s stepfather threw her out of the house when she was 17 and Narelle didn’t defend her in any way.

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