John Marsden Writing Topic #190

Sunday morning, three a.m.**

A Witch In Time

Come on work!

Sunday morning, 3am. I’ve been casting the same spell for hours, days and it still won’t work. With one white candle, my cauldron, and an athame to make a small incision in my finger for the required amount of blood, I’ve been casting a spell in an effort to bring my fellow witch husband, Elliott, back from the dead. This is the first time I tried to use my magic for this purpose, normally magic is incapable of this—death is inevitable—but I’m determined.

I’ve been sitting on my bed for hours, incisions all over both of my hands, trying to make this spell and my powers work, and nothing. As good witches, our job is to protect the world from evil without exposing magic. Elliott, our best friend and fellow witch, Zahra, and I never anticipated being held hostage by an evil mortal.

We saved an innocent from an evil witch and our magical actions were witnessed by a journalist. He wasn’t recording us at the time, but he was determined to prove we were witches. We refused to give in and he held Elliott at gunpoint, tied to a chair, in our home to get me and/or Zahra to use our magic to save him. We couldn’t distract him as he held the gun perfectly still at Elliott’s neck, and he was ranting and raving at us.  

Both Zahra and I agreed to show him our powers, in exchange for letting him go. He wouldn’t agree until we showed him on camera. We agreed. I thought as he was setting up the camera, gun still pointed at Elliott, he wouldn’t see me throwing fire at him in time. He saw me, but didn’t have enough time to duck, but as he was hit, he pulled the trigger and killed Elliott.

Elliott died because of me and I needed to fix this. I’ve been a good witch my whole life, paid my dues, magic could give me just one thing in return.

Clearly this spell wasn’t going to work. I flipped through the Book of the Shadows to find another way and came across the page on Time Guardians. If I couldn’t bring Elliott back from the dead, the Reversal Time Guardian could take me back in time so I can make things right.

“I call upon the Time Guardians,
to help make sense and shine the light,
help me make things right,
Sister Reversal
send me back in time.”

A bright light appeared in the room, soaking it, blinding me. The immortal and never-ageing Reversal Time Guardian, in the form of a young woman, appeared. Just as the light faded, she looked me square in the eyes,

“you summoned me?”          



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.


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