John Marsden Writing Topic #199

Write a journey through a house of horrors which is personalised for you–all your personal bogeymen are there**

Welcome to the Rachel Loveday House of Horrors, which has been specifically designed for her to deal with her deepest and worst fears.

On the right you will see the first bedroom, the ‘Honeymoon Suite of Fears’, which revolves around romantic fears. These fears include being stuck in a relationship filled with domestic violence, spending her life meeting and dating men who will only break her heart and never finding a man to spend her life with at all.

Continuing on the right you will see the second bedroom, the ‘Where Dreams Come to Die Room’, which shows Rachel in a never ending, life-long unhappy state, where none of her dreams come true and she spends her life settling until the day she dies.

Continuing straight ahead you will find the kitchen, where you will find Rachel constantly choking on food with no-one around to call for help.

If you turn around in the kitchen and continue in the hall, to the right, you will find yourself to the bathroom, the most dangerous room, which is fittingly the ‘Death Room’. This room plays out all the different possible deaths that Rachel could experience, specifically horrific deaths where Rachel is completely and utterly alone, with no-one to say goodbye to.

If you continue down the hall and to the right again you will find yourself in the study (directly opposite to the ‘Where Dreams Come to Die Room’) where Rachel will spend her whole life calculating her small amounts of money over and over, hoping that she’ll never end up with nothing and struggle to make ends meet her whole life.

If you continue to the right you will find yourself in the laundry (directly opposite to the “Honeymoon Suite of Fears’) where Rachel accidentally forgets to clean the lint filter in her dryer and starts a fire, which will inevitably spread to the whole house and Rachel will have to figure her way out of a lawsuit and how to pay for the damage, since she’s a renter.


Thank you for taking a tour in the Rachel Loveday House of Horrors, you may have found this fun but remember one day, you might have to take one of your own…



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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