John Marsden Writing Topic #143

From Writing Topic #131 until Writing Topic #149 are “based on a book”. The book I have chosen to focus on is Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern.

Write a conversation between a character in the book and his/her conscience**

For this writing topic, I have chosen to write a conversation between Alex and his conscience relating to Rosie changing her mind about moving to Boston after receiving a letter from Katie’s biological father, Brian, who asked Rosie to let him get to know Katie.

Alex: Bloody Rosie! Why does she have to give in to everyone!

Alex’s Conscience: Rosie is a mother first, when her child’s biological father tells her he wants to get to know his child and Katie has an opportunity to get to know her father, what is she supposed to do?

Alex: But he left Rosie when he found out she was pregnant, he never even contacted Katie in her life until now. Rosie has the right to finally live her life for her.

Alex’s Conscience: You mean she finally got to live her life with you. You may be mad for her, but you can’t deny you’re mad at her because she’s not living with you and the way you think she should live her life.

Alex: Okay maybe I do want her to finally live with me and have a chance to be with her, it’s not like I haven’t waited for long enough.

Alex’s Conscience: Yes, you have been waiting a long time, but her marriage has just ended, the last thing she needs is a man declaring his love for her, it would be too confusing and more importantly too difficult for her. She needs time to heal and think about it, do you really want a relationship with her to start on heartbreak and a rebound?

Alex: No, I guess not. I just know that I won’t hurt her like whathisname did.

Alex’s Conscience: I know you won’t, but now is not the time for you to be together, now is the time for you to relish in your friendship, now is the time for you to be there for her as a friend, she needs you more than ever.

Alex: I know, I shouldn’t be giving her the silent treatment right now.

Alex’s Conscience: No you shouldn’t.

Alex: I’ll send her and Katie emails right now.

Alex’s Conscience: Good man, off you go.


**Reference: Marsden, J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.


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