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Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries–Season 1, Episode 2 (Dead Beat)

Now that the premise and characters of the show have been established, the real fun can begin. The episode revolves around the murders of Duane Gordon, a popular singer, and Gidget, a back-up singer. The murders were unique in that they were both electrocuted as an electrical cord attached to a surfboard in a pool malfunctioned, which lead to Duane

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Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries–Pilot (Just Murdered)

When I wrote my blog post on the TV Week‘s Previews issue, Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, the titular character, Peregrine, was described as “kinetic and bored at the same time…she can’t hold down a job, but also doesn’t know what she wants to do or who she wants to be, in Melbourne’s St Kilda during the swinging ’60s. But

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