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Here Come the Habibs–Season 1, Episode 4–The Anzaclava

This was the first episode that I fully enjoyed. I fully enjoyed this episode due to the fact that the shift that I asked for in the previous review is finally happening. Rather than focusing primarily on cultural stereotypes and cliches, this episode focused on character development and building bonds.

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Here Come the Habibs–Season 1, Episode 3–Civil War

This episode was a little flat (yes even for this show), which isn’t a bad thing. There is clearly still a focus on the misconception of the Habibs’ as terrorists in Olivia’s eyes. I feel that this is getting a little old, especially since we are at the halfway point of the mini-series (unless it’s renewed), I think that there

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Here Come the Habibs–Season 1, Episode 1–Here Come the Habibs!

Here Come the Habibs was controversial before it went to air, quite an achievement in TV these days. It was controversial due to the assumptions that some of the public made about the show being racist. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I believe that if you’re going to be offended by a TV show, you should actually watch

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