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House Husbands–Season 5, Episode 7

Last week’s episode focused on the fallout of Nick’s secret being revealed to the guys. This episode shifted focus to the fallout with Rachel. Despite my stated hatred for Rachel in previous reviews, I have also admitted that it’s obvious that the writers have chosen to make her a permanent character. Due to this choice, the writers have focused on

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House Husbands–Season 5, Episode 6

So this episode explored the ramifications of Nick’s secret coming out, just as I thought it would, or at least with the guys. I felt that the guys alternating between resenting and helping Nick was realistic and done well, displaying how much their friendship with him has grown. While Nick certainly had to tell Rachel the truth, I felt that

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House Husbands–Season 5, Episode 5

So we’re nearing the halfway point of the season which means that a story arc usually reaches it peak. In this episode, I’d say that the major story arc–Nick’s secret gambling–is starting to reach its peak. Throughout the episode there’s a build up of Nick’s desperation to pay back a gambling debt, which I felt was rushed a little since

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House Husbands–Season 5, Episode 4

This is the first episode that I’ve actually enjoyed this season. While the previous three episodes weren’t bad, I feel that they have fallen flat and been a bit underwhelming. Inevitably this episode was going to focus on the fallout of the revelation that Bernie wasn’t Mark’s biological father and that Mark would subsequently look for him. I felt that

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House Husbands–Season 5, Episode 3

This episode fell a little flat for me. While I’m glad that it wasn’t overly melodramatic, despite the subject matter, and the writing was mostly solid, I felt that this episode like last week’s, was a filler to build up major story arcs and later episodes. I felt that the ashes subplot was a little cliche–losing the ashes, the battle

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House Husbands–Season 5, Episode 2

This episode was purely about Mark’s parents visiting to build up to the impending reveal that Mark is apparently adopted or not his “father”, Bernie’s, son. Although the reveal didn’t happen in this episode, thanks to the ads, we know it’s coming. I wasn’t really sympathetic towards Liz, although I feel she was the most honest and interesting character in

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