Coming Soon @ Loveday Writing

Hi everyone! I just wanted to publish a post to let you know what’s coming soon at Loveday Writing.


Behind the Reviews

Behind the Reviews – Edition #31 will be published tomorrow and will focus on Upload. The first run of Behind the Reviews has been going strong every Monday since 1 August 2022 and will conclude on 24 April 2023.

Upcoming Analysis sections and posts:

A new Analysis section of Loveday Writing has been established: Games – Analysis.

The premiere post of the Games – Analysis section is a video post of my favourite retro video game – The Emperor’s New Groove. I have another 19 posts planned for this section:

  • My favourite MS-DOS game – Commander Keen
  • My favourite mobile game – June’s Journey
  • PS1 Game Retrospective – Crash Bandicoot
  • PS1 Game Retrospective – Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
  • PS1 Game Retrospective – Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
  • PS1 Game Retrospective – Lilo & Stitch: Trouble in Paradise
  • PS1 Game Retrospective – Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro
  • PS1 Game Retrospective – Sports Games
  • PS1 Game Retrospective – Games I Didn’t Like
  • MS-DOS Game Retrospective – Duke Nukem
  • MS-DOS Game Retrospective – Battle Chess
  • MS-DOS Game Retrospective – Minesweeper
  • MS-DOS Game Retrospective – Solitaire
  • Video Game Retrospective – Zoombinis
  • Then and Now: Computer Lemmings vs Mobile Lemmings
  • Then and Now: MS-DOS Monopoly vs Mobile Monopoly
  • Mobile Game Analysis – Plague Inc.
  • Why I like decorative mobile games – Lily’s Garden & Royal Match
  • Mobile Game Analysis – Cluedo

Another new Analysis section will be established soon: Music – Analysis. The premiere posts will be an eight-part series on Delta Goodrem’s artistic evolution over the years.

Another TV Show Analysis series is in the works focusing on U.S. series, Mom, and the different narrative phases of the show over its eight-season run.

Disney Eras movie project

I plan on reviewing and analysing all 60+ Disney animated films that fall under the seven eras of their film making. I plan on doing this by watching, reviewing, and analysing one movie per week, with a review of each era, as I come to the end of each one.

This project will mark the first time I’ll be writing and publishing movie reviews/analysis posts on the website. I felt that the Disney animated films were the perfect choice for this first step.

The premiere post for this project will be published on 1 May 2023.

The reviews section of the website is premium content, which you can access for just AUD$3 per month.


I will continue to upload content to the Stories section of the website. I’m hoping to finally finish my John Marsden 600 Writing Topics Challenge this year after starting it in September 2015. As of today, I’ve got 128 remaining topics to complete.

As I sporadically post content on the Stories section of the website, it is free of charge.

Fun Walker Not Runner:

I will continue to upload content to the Fun Walker Not Runner section of the website. I’ll post about my experience completing the Amalfi Coast Conqueror Challenge as soon as I’ve completed it and my medal arrives.

Similarly to the Stories section, as I sporadically post content on the Fun Walker Not Runner section of the website, it is also free of charge.

I will regularly post updates of what else will be coming soon at Loveday Writing. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy my content.