Coming Soon @ Loveday Writing

Hi everyone! I just wanted to publish a post to let you all know what’s coming soon at Loveday Writing as there’s going to be a huge increase in regular content.


Behind the Reviews

A new series will be kicking off tomorrow on the Reviews section of Loveday Writing, Behind the Reviews.

Behind the Reviews is a weekly series that will explore my reviews content and the reasons behind my reviews content choices. This will be an ongoing series, however its first run will start tomorrow and will conclude on 3 April 2023.

The first run of Behind the Reviews will focus on the 34 TV shows and web series I’ve reviewed over the last six years, as well as the 6 TV show and book analysis pieces I’ve written. After this first run, the series will continue to complement reviews content as its published.

Minx – Season 1 reviews

I fell in love with Minx after binge watching the first season on Stan, so I will be reviewing it soon.

Upcoming Analysis pieces

I’m currently working on four TV Show & Book Analysis pieces:

  • TV Show Analysis – The exploration of the afterlife on television – The Good Place & Upload
  • TV Show Analysis – Charmed and Neutrality – Why neutral beings in Charmed fail
  • Book Analysis – Epistolary Novels & The Sidequel – So Much to Tell You & Take My Word for It
  • Book Analysis – Choose Your Own Adventure

I’m planning on eventually publishing at least one Analysis piece per month, starting with the four listed above, however as I’m still working on them, a launch date is yet to be decided.

Disney Eras movie reviews

I plan on reviewing all 60+ Disney animated movies that fall under the seven eras of their film making. I plan on doing this by watching and reviewing one movie per week, with a review of each era overall as I come to the end of each one.

This project will mark the first time I’ll be writing and publishing movie reviews on the website, I felt that the Disney animated movies were the perfect choice for this first step.

The Reviews section of the website is premium content, which you can access for just AUD$3 per month.


I will continue to upload content to the Stories section of the website. I’m hoping to finally finish my John Marsden 600 Writing Topics Challenge this year after starting it in September 2015. As of today I’ve got 144 remaining topics to complete.

As I sporadically post content on the Stories section of the website, it is free of charge.

Fun Walker Not Runner:

I will continue to upload content to the Fun Walker Not Runner section of the website. I’ll post about my experience completing the Marathon to Athens Conqueror Challenge as soon as my medal arrives.

Similarly to the Stories section, as I sporadically post content on the Fun Walker Not Runner section of the website, it is also free of charge.


This section is dedicated to my attempts to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which is November. I’m unsure if I’m going to participate this year, but you never know, stay tuned. This content is also free of charge.

I will regularly post updates (maybe every month) of what else will be coming soon at Loveday Writing. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy my content.